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Hong Kong has gotten it into his head to start a gossip column (blind items, etc) and he needs your participation to get all the dirt. Please post stuff here (if you have links, that's super duper awesome) and he will collect the info into a delicious (regularly schedule) gossip post! If you don't have CR with him, that's cool. He's a nosy butt, so you can assume he came by the information some other way.

Give us everything: so and so got a funny new pet, this person and that person are going on a date, you know who joined the gym and has been there every day watching one of the employees, person A has a great recipe for carrot cake, a new business is opening and you won't believe who's running it, etc, etc - anything you want to share!
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The ICC is one of the tallest buildings in the world and now it's here in Holly Heights! It consists of 118 floors, the topmost of which is a bar called "Ozone." The other 117 (or so) are available for rent for reasonable rates and can be used for any conceivable purpose: entertainment, business, etc. Each floor or office comes unfurnished, but if you bug the (building's) landlord, it can be decorated for a small cost.

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Come one, come all, to see a delightful assortment of creatures from all corners of the globe! We have lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Not to mention, there's a lovely aquarium and several geographically-themed exhibits. Want to visit the North or South Poles? Don't get them confused, kids: penguins and polar bears do not live in the same place! How about the plains of the Serengeti or the waters of the Amazon? Maybe you'd like to ride an elephant or swim with the fishes.* There's a petting zoo too, if that's a little too daring for you. Even the most docile of animals too much? Visit the zoo's botanical gardens, where nothing bites or scratches! Or moves at all!** Once you're tired of running around and looking at all the animals, you can take a break at the zoo cafe. Don't forget to visit the gift shop on the way out, too!

* Literally, not metaphorically. Swimming with fishes not included in cost of admission.

** Unless it is a Venus flytrap.

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